Infants and Toddlers


Infants want to have fun too!

At Whiz Kidz we believe that your miracle is our gift.  Our youngest learners begin each day with a new adventure.  From holding up their little heads to crawling, walking and speaking first words.  We promote motor skill development, healthy social relationships, love, security and praise in addition to singing the ABC's during diaper changes.

Baby sign, Spanish time, music, and arts are not just for big kids.  Babies start learning while in the womb, so of course as their first teacher we know you want to start them on the best path possible.  If you have a new blessing in your life visit a dedicated Whiz Kidz Infnat Center in your area to explore a different kind of care.  Our toe nibbling, tummy tickling Educarers are waiting to love up on your little one.


Schedule a tour to see our Ahwatukee Infant Program

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Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during free play business hours 10am-4pm.

Whiz Kidz Playland

15425 S 48th St, Phoenix, Arizona 85044, United States



Our Infant classroom program is available to care for your little one any hour of the day (well almost!).  Do you work late hours or Saturdays and need a safe environment for your baby?  Let our Educarers provide love, learning and protection when you are away!

Interactive Preschool


2, 3, 4...Kindergarten's knocking at the door!

They say we learn everything we need to know by the age of 5, so we better give our little discoverers every option to explore.  Their little personalities are developing by the minute.  Will she like science or maybe he's a natural actor? Whiz Kidz is the place where leaders take form.  Young writers need a space where letters and books meet stories and songs.  Little Engineers must learn to build, knock down and build again. Future Entrepreneurs and CEOs first learn to play and put away before they run great organizations.  

At Whiz Kidz, academics are the foundation and imagination give way for untold vision.  Let our Dreamers (aka Teachers) guide your genius as they soar through ABC's, 123s, phonics, dramatic play, running and jumping. Keep in mind, making new friends isn't just for the kids, our parents enjoy life long relationships as they join the Whiz Kidz Family! 

Big Kidz Aftercare


Crayons, crackers and apple juice while you wait for parents to get off work is no one's idea of a good time.  After a long day in school we think we think kids deserve some fun, but homework FIRST!!! Our college tutors and certified teachers love the freedom to really get to know each student.  Our unique approach to Afterschool care provides a platform for young leaders to take their classroom learning to the next level.  Dance, Theater, Public Speaking, Entrepreneurship, Cooking, STEM, Robotics, Engineering, Gardening, Sustainability, Financial Literacy, Knitting, Fashion Design, Modeling...whew the list goes on.  If your child can dream it, Whiz Kidz provides a way to make it happen.  Enroll your school ager today in our character development after school leadership academy.