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Behavioral Health


BTST Services is a licensed mental health agency providing comprehensive programming and integrated care to children, teens and adults throughout the state of Maryland.

We work to stay on the cutting edge technological advancements to provide our clients with the most efficient and accessible care in an ever changing society.  BTST takes an individualized and stregnth based approach to care, as we realize that each person's needs and required treatment modalities are unique and vary case by case.

BTST's services are collaborative as we offer an array of primary and support services, providing our clients with a true "Total Wrap Model".

In addition our mental health services, BTST also works hard to improve the communities in which we work by organizing and participating in many community outreach efforts and empowerment events.

505 Financial Literacy


Through our 505 Financial Literacy program we teach our young entrepreneurs more than just the value of money...we teach them to value themselves.

We believe priceless little minds require effective information if we expect them to yield productive results.  Since you are never too young to learn how to count, you should never be to young to learn one key principle...Don't trade dollars for time.

Most successful businessmen and women share the ideal that wealth comes from investments not just hourly pay. We develop our young leaders to be owners, innovators and geniuses.

Our Financial Literacy program instills the discipline of managing money through the implementation of daily wealth building practices that explore financial dignity, buying power, and economic change.  Age appropriate activities that introduce budgets, negotiation, investments, banking, and business start up are how we develop financially conscious Whiz Kidz

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